Siemens VoiceLink


• VoiceLink transmitter and microphone.

VoiceLink™ is a voice transmitter that connects to a plug-in microphone and transmits via a miniTek® using Bluetooth® wireless technology.

• Transmitter translates a signal that is not Bluetooth into a Bluetooth wireless signal.

Every miniTek comes pre-paired with a transmitter that captures audio from devices without Bluetooth technology too—including TVs, DVRs, laptops, MP3 players, game consoles, etc. The transmitter converts the audio into a Bluetooth wireless signal that it sends to miniTek in real time—without any audio delay!

• The microphone makes it seem like the speaker is right next to you.

VoiceLink is very useful in noisy environments like restaurants, classrooms, and conferences. With VoiceLink a hearing aid wearer can hear speech as if the person wearing the microphone is standing close by.





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